My Log of Losing The Weight I’ve Gained from Hypothyroidism

Before starting Levothyroxine for my underactive thyroid, I was a stable UK size 10, staying around 61-63kg at 5ft 7inches tall, and had been this weight since I was about sixteen years old. In the six months that I was on Levothyroxine, I gained 12.5kg.

That’s two stone.

Despite being hypothyroid for quite a while before doctors acknowledged it and started me on Levothyroxine, my weight stayed pretty stable at 61-63kg. I’d been this weight since I was about sixteen years old.  It was either the Levothyroxine directly causing my weight gain, as a side effect of the drug, or it was the fact that the Levo wasn’t adequately giving me the adequate thyroid hormones I needed.

Doctors love prescribing T4-only meds like Levothyroxine and Synthroid, because in theory, our bodies should convert some of the T4 to T3 and then bingo, we have all the hormones we need. But many of us, like me, don’t convert T4 in to T3, so it leaves us hypothyroid! That’s how Levo can fail to help a lot of people. And if we’re left hypothyroid, with inadequate T3 levels, our metabolism doesn’t work properly = weight gain.

Weight gain is a key sign of an inadequately treated thyroid problem, and where the stigma of using ‘I have a thyroid problem’ as an excuse for weight gain, originates from.  I strongly suspect once my NDT is optimal and held for six weeks on wards, I will lose this weight since my diet has not changed in pretty much my whole life. I’ll slowly increase exercise levels where I can, keeping in mind not to over-do it and make myself feel worse.

I am going to keep a log here of my journey to lose the extra weight I gained. I started on NDT mid-December, and I expect once I have been on my current dose of two grains a day,  which I think is my optimal amount, for at least six  weeks, I will start to see some bigger changes and weight loss. I’ve been on 2 grains for 2 weeks now and seeing come changes but not feeling loads better just yet. I aim to weigh myself every one or two weeks.

As of today, 16th January 2016, I am 75.5kg.  My goal is to reach 63kg. This weight would put me bang smack in the middle of the healthy BMI range, and it’s roughly the weight I was for years before being hypothyroid. 

My individual measurements at starting are:

Bust: 36 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Hips: 40 inches
Thighs: 25 inches

Update: 31st January 2016
I am down to 74.5kg in just two weeks! Very impressed. I think the NDT is kicking in as I’ve started being able to work out again. I have started slowly increasing physical exercise as and when I feel I can manage a little bit more than before. I’m consuming 1500-1600 calories a day.

U10462960_10208238066416478_2957558104202297569_npdate: 12th February 2016
I am now 72.9kg and feeling very happy with my progress so far. I have a few weeks now of events, birthdays, meals out etc. so it’s going to be tricky to keep on track.

Update: 26th February 2016
71.9kg. Could be worse since I’ve eaten out a lot.

Update: 11th March 2016

71.2kg! 0.7kg in two weeks isn’t great..although I’ve been good and opted for the healthier options on the menu and avoided ordering desserts, I have slowed down in comparison to the weight loss I’ve managed in previous 2 week measurements. 1kg still isn’t bad, considering. Oops. Back on track to being better now. Still impressed I lost anything at all.

Update: 18th March 2016
70.5kg! Very happy with 0.7kg in just one week! I’ve set a goal to get below 70kg by the end of next week, 27th March. I think I can do this.

Update: 27th March 2016
69.8kg! Did it! Despite it being Easter and chocolate galore.. Another 0.7kg in just over a week.

Update: 8th April 2016
69.5kg.. I’m not too happy since 0.3 of a kilo in a week and a half isn’t very impressive! Easter arrived and chocolate is still in the house from it. It does take me to a loss of 6kg exactly though, since I began, which is just under a stone! So another stone to go and I should be at my goal weight. Not bad going when I look at the big picture.12795040_10209247786738855_3062566169562741430_o

Update: 23rd April 2016
67.8kg and happy! Nearly two kilos in two weeks isn’t bad at all!

Update: 10th May 2016
So, I’ve been moving house and things have been a bit hectic! My weight hasn’t changed a lot, but as of this morning, I am 68.5. When moving house, my eating habits were all over the place, so I’m actually surprised I didn’t put more weight on! One and a half pounds isn’t too bad I guess..

I’ve lost 7kg so far (just over 1 stone) and have 5.5kg to go to get to my goal weight. So I’m more than half way!

Update: 21st May 2016
68kg! That’s 1 pound in 11 days. I think the walk out of the village where we live, to the nearest bus stop, being 15 minutes each way is really helping. Been sticking to 1500 calories, still gluten-free but eating anything else I want as long as I stay within my calorie goal for the day.

Update: 4th June 2016
67kg! About two pounds in two weeks. Happy!

Update: 18th June 2016
65.5kg! 1.5kg lost in two weeks. I was hoping for 66kg, so an extra half a kilo is very much welcome.

Update: 1st July 2016
64.7kg! Seem to be slowing down but better than nothing!

Update: 9th July 2016
64kg! Just two pounds to go!


                                                                                                         (Almost two stone down!)

Update: 23rd July 2016
63.7kg. It could have been better but I think I’m slowing down now in weight loss.

Update: 12th August 2016
63kg! I’m so happy! I’ve done it 🙂 six and a half months in total.

My new individual measurements are:
Bust: 35.5 inches
Waist: 27.5 inches
Hips: 35.5inches
Thighs: 22.5 inches


How I Lost The Weight I Gained From an Underactive Thyroid.

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2 thoughts on “My Log of Losing The Weight I’ve Gained from Hypothyroidism

  1. I think it’s amazing that u have lost weight u have a very healthy diet and I exercise a lot (well not as much recently as I’m shattered on levo) excited to get my results for full panel test and evaluate my situation and compare it with my adrenal test results. Like you I will go into the doctor office fully prepared! Well done on your weight loss journey!

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