A Reminder To Myself

I try to help people with their health on a daily basis, but I can only help those who genuinely want my help. 

It can be hard for me to accept, because many people don’t take what I’m saying seriously. They seem to think that what can happen to other people, won’t happen to them.

From today I’m making a personal note to only bother helping those who aren’t wasting my time and being unappreciative. After all, I can’t waste time on those not using my help effectively..

..when there are so many other people out there who will use it to make themselves better.

My blog post from the other day explains the feeling well. 

The people closest to me have seen my struggle with thyroid and adrenal problems, and know just how hard it has been for me. They’ve seen me at my lowest, mentally and physically, and they’ve endured many conversations about the struggles I have been having. Yet, they seem to be the people who think they’re most immune (pardon the pun) from having these problems themselves.

I find that the people in my Facebook Support Group are more accepting of advice and me sharing useful links with them, because they’ve joined the group for that reason. But other people in my life, often friends, come to me complaining that they feel unwell, and when I suggest they should ask their doctor for a full thyroid panel, Vitamin D, B12, Iron, Ferritin etc. and check their adrenal function/cortisol output, I’m met with a role of eyes. I’m met with them brushing it off as me just loving to talk about myself and my own problems.

No, I am wanting to help you.

Don’t you see that I am trying to stop other people from going through what I went though? Stop others from feeling what I did? Experiencing what I unfortunately had to? That’s why I’m bringing it up. 

And I care about them so much, that I urge them to check things out.

I feel like some people just like the attention from moaning about it. They like me fussing over them. Maybe they don’t know what else to talk about with people, when they feel so rubbish, which is understandable, but then do something about it! I’m offering you that something. I have no sympathy for people who moan, get given advice or suggestions, and then ignore them and expect the sympathy to carry on. No, you need to be at least trying if you want my sympathy and help to carry on. Maybe they don’t actually want my advice, and this is another reason why I have to stop. I need to assume that they will ask me for it, rather than I assume that they want it. I just don’t want anyone else to suffer needlessly like I, and so many others, do.

I have so many other people in the world who need my help, advice, experience, support and general comforting to let them know that they’re not alone. There are many others who will make use of it, and those are who I have to concentrate and focus it on.

After all my invested time to find out what’s making someone feel so rubbish, followed by giving them help to fix it, to have them then throw it away or dismiss it so easily is hurtful. For a lot of people, they only need to implement simple things like a change of diet or taking a supplement daily. It’s annoying that it could be fixed so simply, yet they are still too stubborn to give it a try. If I could fix all my problems with a vitamin supplement, I’d be over the moon!

I now have to take a stance and new view; don’t moan to me about how crap you feel when you won’t do anything about it and actively dismiss my advice. I need to remember not to openly go in to administering advice, unless people actually ask for it. I need to remember that there are many others out there who need it, and who I should be concentrating on. 

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