How Do You Look at Your Thyroid Medication?

How do you look at your thyroid medication

Do you see it as yet another pill you have to put down your neck and hate the thought of putting it in to your body? I know this feeling. I hated even taking the contraceptive pill but it helped my heavy periods at the time, so it seemed worth it.

In a world that glamorizes being as natural possible, being surrounded by thyroid books that support finding your ‘root cause’ so you can reverse Hashimoto’s and your Hypothyroidism and not need any medication, it can be difficult to accept that your thyroid medication is nothing to feel bad about.

Do you see your thyroid meds in the same way as food and water? Essential for you to live and for your body to actually function?

Just a thought.

This is how I view mine, because it’s a necessity for me to live, just like food and water. Not having the correct amount of thyroid hormone in my body could actually kill me.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed about taking ‘another pill’, just as diabetics need insulin. You’re not to blame for you health condition and your medication is just as important as that food and water you give yourself guilt-free.

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