Alcohol and Your Thyroid

A question I’ve seen asked more times than I can remember, is ‘Does anyone else feel like they can’t handle their drink as well as they used to?’

So I’m going to look at the connection between alcohol and the thyroid gland!

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Thyroid Weight Loss Tips

I was a stable 63kg for years until I became full-blown hypothyroid and went on Levothyroxine, which is when I gained 12.5kg, two stone, in five to six months.

I was already eating well and had quite a healthy lifestyle, but it was switching thyroid medication from Levo to NDT, that corrected my thyroid hormone levels, and kick started my weight loss of that 2 stone1796707_10209343875261008_6273490015015521050_n

Obviously having the optimal levels of a TSH below 2, a Free T3 in the top quarter of the range and a Free T4 mid-range or a bit higher, which ensures your metabolism is then working as correctly as possible, is important, as well as Reverse T3. Then low vitamin/nutrient levels need addressing, so supplementing things like Vitamin C, D, Iron, Selenium, Zinc can also help.

And don’t even get me started on adrenal fatigue.

Once you have those in place, you should start to see some results, given that you are sticking to a healthy diet and moving enough. The average woman needs to consume 2000 net calories a day to maintain her weight, but this differs, depending on your age and height. For me, its around 1900 to maintain my weight, and 1500 to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

An app like My Fitness Pal is handy in helping you work out how many calories you should be consuming for weight loss. It also helps you track what you’ve eaten so you’re not over-eating.

With those basics, here are some more tips I have found to be helpful. Some are already well-known and some I’ve learnt myself.

I do want to just say though, that I don’t advocate for people to be stressing over weight loss, especially when you’ve gained it through ill health etc. Usually, it will come off when you’re healthier and happier and of its own accord, but sometimes we do need to take control ourselves. Just remember that you are worth more than your weight or a number.

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A ‘Bad Thyroid Day’

I refer to days when my hypothyroid symptoms are particularly bad 12472613_10209427420069576_6738745950035368936_nas a ‘bad thyroid day’. I’ve had bad thyroid days when my hypothyroidism hasn’t been under control and when it has. Even now, with a good TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, I have bad thyroid days from time to time.

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I’m on Thyroid Medication but Still Feel Tired/Rubbish!

Are you on thyroid medication but still don’t feel well? A lot of thyroid patients feel this way. They might even question if their thyroid medication is working at all. 

Their doctor puts them on thyroid medication and tells them they’re now adequately medicated. They may even do a blood test and tell them that their levels are ‘normal’. So then why do you still feel rubbish and still have symptoms?

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