My List

With all the stress I’m feeling lately, I’m struggling to cope with life in general. Everything feels too much to juggle. I feel like a monster with my bad attitude and overemotional tendencies and I hate who I am right now. It’s only making my situation worse of course.

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I generally feel stressed at the littlest thing, and I have a thousand thoughts constantly racing through my mind at once. Basically, I’m struggling to deal with stressors like the average person. I believe my sex hormone imbalance and high cortisol are at fault for this. Stressors are piling up on top of each other, causing my motivation and concentration to suffer severely. I’m also ratty, irritable, anxious and feeling on edge. I’m over-thinking everything, assuming everyone hates me (with me being this way, who wouldn’t?!) and I feel like I’ve gone through a whole personality change.

With that in mind, I’ve made myself a list. I think I’ll print it out and stick it up at home somewhere. It’s a list of things I need to remember sometimes. Continue reading “My List”

I Survived London

I got up at 5am today. Yep, 5am. I had six hours sleep after a manic day yesterday, then got up early and made my way to London University, taking two trains to London St Pancras, then a tube and another train across London. I was going there to be an extra in a TV show for a band I’ve been obsessed with since 2009, when I was 16 years old, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity.  Continue reading “I Survived London”

Why I Love Bubble Baths

Ahh, just thinking about a bubble bath right now is making me feel relaxed. They’re warm, they smell nice, they’re relaxing and leave us feeling clean, soft and smelling pleasant. What’s not to like?!

Well, add to that the benefits that bubble baths can give us for our hypothyroidism, and they’re just too good to resist..

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Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

In past posts I have talked about adrenal fatigue, something that often comes hand in hand with thyroid problems, as they’re all part of the endocrine system. 

You can determine if you have adrenal problems by completing a 24 h940824_10209343858380586_8459870097140306746_nour saliva cortisol test, that tests your adrenal function at four key points of the day. Most doctors will only do one-time blood or urine tests for cortisol output, which are not accurate.

Do you experience any of the following: Continue reading “Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms”