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Meet Rachel, Hashimoto’s Warrior and Thyroid Advocate. IMG_4366

Welcome! I set up my website, The Invisible Hypothyroidism, as a means for me to record my personal journey of battling hypothyroidism, but also to help others.

Thyroid disease affects so many people of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and backgrounds. This is why we need adequate testing and treatment for all. I believe in each patient getting the right treatment for them.

It pains me to see so many thyroid patients still struggling daily. We deserve to be in good health and it can be achieved.

I am a thyroid advocate as well as a writer. I am passionate about helping those with hypothyroidism and giving them a voice.

I do this by writing blogs about my personal experiences – the ups and downs – of living with thyroid disease, it’s linked conditions and my mental health. I produce informative articles, too, to educate and empower fellow thyroid patients and I write for The Mighty as well.


What lead to me beginning to blog was my own horrible experience of living with an underactive thyroid and feeling like doctors were failing me. I went undiagnosed for a while, then put on Levothyroxine, which only made me feel worse and develop lots of other symptoms and problems. So, when I reached rock bottom and my life was in tatters, I made the decision to switch to NDT, a different medication, and have since made quite a drastic recovery. I record my thyroid journey on this blog as well as other things I learn along the way.

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We’ve got lots to learn, myself included! The topic of thyroid disease and all its related topics is so very vast.

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. 


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