Series: New Meds. Entry 4: Eight and a Half Weeks into NDT

Well well well..

Six weeks have past since I increased to 2 grains a day on NDT, and, going by Stop The Thyroid Madness protocols, you can raise this again if you feel you need to after 4-6 weeks. I’ve decided I’m not going to since I now feel almost completely better and 2 grains seems to be about right for me.

It’s almost a miracle. 

My latest blood results also look good with TSH optimal  (suppressed), Free T4 optimal (top quarter) and Free T3 above range, which obviously needs to be fixed, but it’s a good start.

I did have over 20 symptoms whilst on Levothyroxine, but now on NDT, I just have one left – fatigue. As explained in previous posts, I do have adrenal fatigue, though (often comes hand in hand with thyroid problems), and since my Free T3 is also high on my blood tests, signalling adrenal issues making the T3 ‘pool‘ in my blood and so not reach everywhere it needs to in my body, I suspect the fatigue is due to with this. It has improved, though. I can now walk home from work again, a 35 minute walk each way, and I no longer need to nap during the day. I do OK on 7 hours sleep. Sure, I could do with more, but I’m now functioning and my thyroid is having hardly any impact on my life and ability to do things.

It’s amazing. 

I have also noticed that I haven’t been ill for a while, and I hope it’s a sign that my immune system is starting to pick back up. For about 4 years now, I’ve been a really sickly person, pretty much always with some form of bug, cold or virus.

The itching on my legs did indeed stop, too, after a week or two.


So, I’m staying at 2 grains a day and I am planning to carry on working on fixing my adrenals, with help from Stop The Thyroid Madness and my Dr Wilson book, Adrenal Fatigue (I am going to write a review on this book when I finish reading it). Then, retest my Full Thyroid Function (to include TSH, Free T3 and Free T4) in about 6 weeks or so’s time. I’m hoping my free T3 will have came down to reflect that I’m on the mend.

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