When People Don’t Take Our Health Conditions Seriously

It happens most days. Someone, a stranger or someone I personally know, doesn’t take my hypothyroidism, poor circulation and adrenal fatigue seriously. Insulting and upsetting comments are made and I fill with rage. 


My health conditions, mentioned above, are regarded by most as ‘not being that serious’. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if I am fatigued, cold, aching and/or avoiding ‘bad foods’ because of them.

Comments are made like “Stop being so dramatic”, “Grow some balls”, “Stop being a spoil-sport”, “You’re always moaning”, “If you’re cold, go put your coat 1796707_10209343875261008_6273490015015521050_non then”, “You’re always tired”, “You get so stressed easily”, “Just eat it this one time, it doesn’t matter”. Nothing hurts like being told/or it being implied, that I am over reacting, that my health conditions are not serious or that I am exaggerating and nothing hurts like someone belittling health conditions that take control of your life.

I had over 20 separate symptoms when undiagnosed/not properly treated for my Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue.  They took control of my life and almost ruined it. They are devastating conditions.

When people refuse to acknowledge that, and even imply that how you feel does not count, against what they want, i.e. a window open, putting a fan on, to go out somewhere requiring a lot of energy and for you to just eat something this one time to make their life easier, when you have to adhere to a strict diet for your symptoms to feel better (i.e. avoiding gluten is a big one that often helps), this is nothing short of disrespectful and hurtful.

I am often left to feel like my health conditions are somehow my fault. But they are not. They are not your fault either.

I did not ask for them, I do my absolute best to cope with them and I can’t help having any subsequent symptoms or problems because of them.

I am basically being mocked. They refuse to acknowledge my struggles, and often, do what’s best for themselves. They are being disrespectful and all thyroid patients know that this is likely because said person knows very little, if anything, about what it is like for us as thyroid patients.

If you were to make a comment about someone else’s weight, eating habits, appearance, race, accent etc. it would be classed as bullying, discrimination, wrong and not acceptable. Yet my health conditions, which almost ruined my life last year by the way, in every way possible.. nah, that’s not serious. It’s alright to discriminate and mock that, a long with not taking it seriously.


I am sick of people not understanding and just dismissing it. I am so sick of it. Thyroid patients deserve respect as well and people who seemingly mock us or dismiss the fact that we struggle to cope sometimes, should be ashamed of themselves. It’s never too late for them to change, but if they repeatedly refuse to acknowledge your needs, feelings and struggles even in your day to day life, you’re best to remove them from your life.

Please treat us like someone with a condition you already know about, and has more awareness than thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue etc. For example: diabetes, post-stroke, arthritis, asthma, to name just a few. I am not disrespecting these conditions, I am happy in fact that they get the understanding and awareness that they deserve, but thyroid disease for example, not one person I know knew where it is in the body, when I was first diagnosed. Nobody knew what it was, or what it’s responsible for either. Let alone that it can go wrong and cause horrendous problems for people.

If they don’t know what it’s like, you can try to inform them. But if they repeatedly still refuse to acknowledge this, it’s time to say ‘bye!’.

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