The Latest Letter From My Endocrinologist

I got another letter from my endocrinologist today, in response to my latest blood results.

I really don’t like receiving letters from him. They annoy both myself and my partner.12347863_10209343858940600_5512388832762478550_n

When we went to see him in January, it didn’t go too well. And he lectured me on using NDT and sang praises for Levo. He let me tell him everything about living with this condition, and then afterwards, wrote a letter to my doctor saying completely different things! He even said I told him I was anorexic when I never said the word, along with some other mistakes.

Today, I have received a letter from him saying that I am now on too much thyroid medication and he suggests I drop it by 10-20%. I take 2 tablets of NDT a day, so how the heck am I supposed to drop it by that little? Cutting the tablets in to halves is tricky enough. They’re tiny tablets.

I’ll drop it by 1/4 of a tablet a day to test his theory that I need a little less. I hate how so many doctors won’t listen or take on our ideas or opinions, so I will be trying his as I refuse to be ignorant as they are. It could work, we don’t know, but I will keep you posted either way.

In all his correspondence and meetings so far, he praises Levo, and he’s done it again in the letter. He says: “If her symptoms are no better after 6 weeks, it might be the time to consider Levothyroxine again, as this would be very much easier to manage”. What the-?! Has he not listened to anything?! I no-longer have any symptoms! And I hate Levothyroxine. It did not work for me but made me MORE ill. It was no easier to manage for me at all.

Most of us thyroid patients know that when we’re at the bottom of the ‘range’ for thyroid blood tests, we’re told we’re ‘adequately treated’, but I love how when we’re at the top of the ‘ranges’, it’s dangerous!

Clearly they (not all doctors/endo’s, but a lot) think it’s better to keep us hypothyroid (low in range but still with many hypo symptoms) than go anywhere near the top of the range12705332_10209343863300709_8613710526833851340_n, even though we’re often not hyperthyroid when we’re there, we’re actually likely to be optimally treated hypothyroid patients, slightly outside of your rigid and out-dated ‘ranges’. Doctors, I say it so much, but please start paying attention to your individual patients, and don’t place them in the same one-size-fits-all template. Whatever happened to doctors listening to what symptoms their patients had?

OK, rant over. 

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