‘Heard’, a Poem by Me

I wrote a poem back in February about living with hypothyroidism and people not understanding what it’s like.

I hadn’t done that before. It was well-received and so yesterday, I wrote another. 


You wake up feeling more tired than than when you went to bed,
You have to cancel on your friends again and they say you’re a mess,
People at work have absolutely no clue,
What it is exactly you’re going through.

Waking up feeling like you have the worst kind of flu,
But with poor mental health and weight gain added too.

Doctor after doctor tells you you’re OK,
But in your mind you know there’s something else at play.

Your partner thinks you’re lazy and dismisses your concerns,
Family should understand but their lack of it burns.

You wonder ‘Is this the new normal? How I’m going to feel for the rest of my life?’
The thought of it kills the last of you inside.

‘What happened to the person I once was?
The dreams I had, the plans I made,
And a life not ruled by feeling lost?’

You feel alone, not listened to and battled down,
But please know that there are others like you around.

We’re also feeling just the way you do,
And just how you need our support,
We could do with yours too.

Together we can battle to win back our lives,
Our health and our dreams,
Let’s take the dive.

We can empower each other to owe it to who we once were,
So unite and scream out ‘We deserve to be heard!’

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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