Acupuncture for Hypothyroidism

In the Facebook group I run, I have quite a few members who recommend acupuncture for their hypothyroid symptoms. Relief for brain fog, back pain, dry skin etc. have all been reported. I have collated some responses from people who have tried it first-hand for their thyroid problems and any related conditions.  

I haven’t tried acupuncture myself, but I suggest you consult your doctor before deciding on whether to try it.

Linda – It’s having an amazing effect… even the swelling of my throat has gone down. I like acupuncture because I’d rather trust medicine and techniques that have been around for thousands of years than less than that. I combine it with yoga twice a week too. Before I started the acupuncture I was always cancelling yoga because I didn’t have any energy, now I don’t. They go well together, yoga and acupuncture.

I’m on my 12th session now. The first four weeks were at two a week, now I’m on just one a week.. I can’t rate it enough! The most noticeable thing that improved was the brain fog and the anger I felt. No hot flushes either. I can keep going all day as the energy levels are so improved, rather than sitting at the breakfast bar for hours and not even debating getting dressed. My acupuncturist combines it with moxibustion and a massage to balance my ‘chi’ . It definitely helps me. I sleep better, my skin doesn’t seem so dry. And the bloating and digestion seems better. I’m not looking for a miracle cure but even if all acupuncture helps with is the side effects then it’s worth it. Oh, and I’ve lost 2.5lbs!!!

Amy – I do it once a week. I’ve noticed quite a big difference in energy and sleeping in particular.

Kristen – I did feel better for it. My chiropractor did it for me to help with energy. I had just begun medication at that point and I was desperate to feel better. I have to say that it did work for me and I would recommend it.

Louise – I have acupuncture for back, neck and hip pain. Think it helps but not too sure what is helping and what isn’t. I pay for it myself but the last doctor said I might be able to get it on the NHS with the pain in my muscles & joints. I’ve had it right at the bottom of my head before to help with headaches and that really helped.

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