Struck Down!

It seems I’ve been struck down with a cold. Since yesterday, I’ve had a blocked nose, heavy, achey body and sore throat, but I’ve just woken up to it being much worse. Time for a lazy weekend I think.

I used to be ill literally all the time. I didn’t go longer than a week after getting over one thing, without catching something else, before my diagnosis of hypothyroidism, and also when I was on Levothyroxine. It became a joke that I was ‘the sickly one’ among friends and work colleagues.

Since changing to NDT mid-December 2015, this is the first time I’ve been unwell since, so seven months. Getting my thyroid levels optimal does seem to have helped my immune system. I’ve gone seven months without having any bug, virus, cold etc. which is impressive. Especially when you look at how often I used to be ill before.


I also had a migraine attack yesterday, so had to leave work early. My head was hurting when I first woke up, but it got worse throughout the day and my vision started to become unfocused and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. But I got home and took some Imigran straight away which seemed to halt it in its tracks. I hadn’t had a migraine since November 2015, so eight months, but I used to have one or two a month.

I still felt groggy for the rest of the day, but at least I avoided a migraine. Those things are a whole new level of evil. I hadn’t had one since November 2015, after I switched to NDT and stopped the contraceptive pill. Since I did both at the same time, I’m not 100% sure which was causing the migraines but I suspect it was a combination of both.

I think I’m run down from doing a bit too much lately, compromising my immune system and tiring out my body, possibly causing the migraine attack and also me getting ill (catching a cold).

One thing I do know is it’s time to rest. I finally have a weekend full of nothing. Yep, nothing planned. This is rare for me!

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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