What a Difference Getting the Right Medication Makes

What a difference getting the right medication makes. Photo on the left taken 6 months ago, other one taken the other day.


I’m just about back to my pre-hypothyroidism weight, and all because I dared to take my health back in to my own hands.

Sure, your weight and appearance isn’t what defines you. It isn’t the most important thing. And I didn’t actually mind being this heavier weight. What it did symbolise though, was my lack of control over my own health. It symbolised yet another blimmin’ way that this stupid, tiny, butterfly shaped gland in my neck had taken over everything. It was another symbol of how medical professionals had failed me, among over 20 other symptoms, a crumbling work life, personal life, social life, and mental state.

The weight gain was at the bottom of the list of symptoms my inadequately treated hypothyroidism had caused me, with fatigue, brain fog and excruciating pain being at the top. But losing that 2 stone gained by simply changing thyroid medication, when doctors told me it wouldn’t work, proved them wrong and symbolised progress in me getting well again. The weight melted away as if by magic.

Losing all my other 20+ symptoms too, by simply changing thyroid medication, when doctors told me it wouldn’t work, proved them wrong.

They told me I was imagining all my symptoms. They told me it was all just in my head. They told me I needed to see a nutritionist because I was gaining weight by a bad diet and not moving enough. They called me an attention seeker. All of these symptoms and weight gain couldn’t possibly be from my underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), when your thyroid controls your metabolism and is in charge of every function and every cell in your body, right?

But they didn’t know my body as well as I did, and I knew their ‘gold-standard’ medicine and inaccurate TSH testing wasn’t working. I was actually getting worse.

So I researched. I reached out to thousands of other thyroid patients and I tried things. I changed medication and I made this recovery. Of over 20+ symptoms disappearing. Of weight gain dropping off again. Of a restored mental and physical state. I now lead a pretty normal life and my thyroid rarely has any affect on anything. (I also have adrenal fatigue, but that’s another thing!)

Doctors? The majority still tell me it was a coincidence. That’s why I want to help others. Because no one should be kept ill for something which can be effectively treated and managed. We all deserve good medical care and a good quality of life. Keeping people so devastatingly unwell is a scandal and we must make others aware.

A note – please don’t make jokes about people having extra weight on them from ‘a thyroid problem’. We know you use it as code for someone making up excuses for being ‘fat’. And it hurts. If you suddenly had an organ fail and your life fall apart, through no fault of your own, how would you feel if people used it in a flippant manner? Don’t joke ‘oh maybe I have a thyroid problem!’ for your own weight gain if you know you don’t, either. It belittles a very devastating disease.

I hated this photo, when it was taken back in January as I looked so unwell. Now it reminds me of how far I’ve come, how much stronger I am, and most importantly, how I have my life back.

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Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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One thought on “What a Difference Getting the Right Medication Makes

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m an Aussie girl 28, a mum of 2, and I have not been myself health wise for some time and my body and intuition keep telling me something is wrong but drs keep dismissing it. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroisim and when I found out about it online only recently i was thrilled to learn there was actually a connection between everything i was feeling, as well as visibly seeing and some way to make sense of it. I’m petite and people who have known me a long time know that I have a very balanced diet and with 2 kids am quite active. I have also done bootcamps, isagenix, you name it and have not yet lost weight 3 years on. In the last month my symptoms became worse. My first thought with the random hot flushes and bouts of exhaustion was oh shit i’m not pregnant again am I, which after multiple negative tests I can definitely say with confidence is not the case. My healthy weight range for my height and figure is usually no more than 50kg. While to some people who do not know my body and see me regularly like my medical centre or strangers I may not seem too much bigger -but for me and my mother who notices because she knows me (and how I usually bounce back when I fluctuate from stress for example) 20-30 kg heavier is a huge deal! especially when I am thought to have pcos and have had 2 kids and no periods in between or after . I have always had issues with my cycles often being one day lightly and then non existent if at all and even as a teen went up to 8 months without any! never experienced period cramps or pains or anything because I rarely ever got any. At the peak of my weight gain I find my mind very foggy. Everything feels a blur, and while my dr insists the weight on my face and neck is just body fat I know better. I can feel it. touching it it does not fel like fat gains. I have had that and know the difference. This feels puffy like fluid build up/swelling almost if you like. It makes my face look horrible majority of the time. I get lots of weird body aches and also strange heart flutters when I have the random hot flushes and I always am sensitive to the cold. My nails are always peeling and breaking , and I have bad migraines all the time which I initially put down to hayfever or possible sinus issues without ever thinking any of this could be connected until google told me about thyroid health and I was able to finally connect the dots by reading more and more of stories like yours and hearing so much sound like what I am experiencing. I wake up with a lot of congestion and always feel like I have something in my throat that needs clearing too. I don’t drink or smoke or anything so there’s nothing else I can think of. How do I get my drs to listen to me and how can I ask the right questions to get treated properly? I have forms to do blood tests and an ultrasound but still no specialist refferal. email me please so I can show you a before it took over image of me prior health issues worsening and one of me now that i am always eating small calorie control portions of vegan food so I can hear your thoughts and see if it’s in my head or not.

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