Series: My AF. Entry 8: An Update on My Adrenal Fatigue and Underactive Thyroid (8 months on NDT)

Well, I thought an update on my general thyroid and related health was needed! 


I last did one in July, when I was seven months in to NDT, and found out that my cortisol levels had only got worse. I’ve since been exploring naturopathy and spoke with a herbalist this morning who believes she can help me to lower the elevated cortisol I have. She also believes that my worsening skin (horrendous, painful acne), irregular periods and PMT is being caused by low progesterone, which is being caused by my high cortisol. She said she can definitely help me to fix that, and is eager to see me. I’m going to discuss this with my partner and have a think. I think I’m going to ask the doctor to check my sex hormone levels anyway.

I’ve been taking Ashwagandha now for a few weeks and I feel calm enough and am getting to sleep OK, but obviously this needs to be carried on for a few months and then my adrenals need retesting to see if it is actually working.

In terms of my iron issues, as detailed here, I have since started taking Solgar’s Bisglycinate ‘Gentle Iron’, and have had no side effects. I’m going to have my blood test end of next month as originally planned when the doctor put me on Ferrous Fumarate, to see if these over the counter iron tablets do much.


I’ve also got an update on my Vitamin C search; after trying Garden of Life, Alive! capsules and Alive! powder, I’ve gone for Solgar’s vitamin C now. It’s high dose which is good, and I can take multiple a day, but it is ascorbic acid, which is controversial, as some sources say that raw food vitamin C is best, and as you know, I tried raw food and didn’t get on with one brand (burning urination) and the other two I tried were too expensive to maintain long term. So I’m giving Solgar’s ascorbic acid a go – I do like Solgar’s other supplements and they are well rated. A friend who is a nutritionist assured me that there is nothing wrong with ascorbic acid. I’ll see how I get on with them.


I also decided to lower my Vitamin D supplements. After finding my Vitamin D levels low (41, bottom of the ‘normal range’) in January, my endocrinologist and GP said I could safely dose with up to 10,000iu a day, as well as other sources, so I have done this for over six months and started to suspect that I needed to drop it again soon. I was starting to have some on-off upset stomach symptoms so I have dropped it to 5,000iu a day, and the symptoms have stopped. I think that’s a sign my D is optimal. Unfortunately I can’t get it tested to really see, right now. But hopefully I can just stick to 5,000iu a day now.

I also bought an at-home blood sugar testing kit, and apart from my blood sugar levels being on the low side of the normal range, it seems fine and my diet seems well balanced, so I don’t think my blood sugar is necessarily an issue.

I’m having my thyroid levels tested again at the end of this month, so we’ll see if those levels are still optimal. I feel great in terms of my thyroid health.

Today marks me reaching my goal of 63kg, too.. Yep, I’ve lost all my thyroid weight! More info here. I’m over the moon. Take that, thyroid!

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