Where Can I Order My Own Tests?

Your doctor may not run all the thyroid tests you want – you want to make sure that TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 are done at the very least. Most patients benefit from being highly involved in their thyroid care and treatment, which is where self-testing and the ability to order your own tests can be critical tools for empowering a patient.

I have compiled the below list of places to order your own tests from. It’s legal for you to do so. Most tests require blood, but saliva is highly recommended to test cortisol (a 24 hour, 4 point saliva test should be completed for cortisol/adrenals).12063615_10209343858020577_4075257906833691094_n

I do not endorse any of these labs, nor do I have experience using most of them. This list has been compiled from thyroid patients who have told me where they order their own tests from.

Using them is solely your choice and responsibility. 


For all UK testing, it’s worth checking out Thyroid UK’s discount codes.

Genova – Follow these instructions and quote the code: A42AQ

Blue Horizon Medicals – Postal Kits sent nationwide

www.privatebloodtests.co.uk – Attend at a Spire Hospital – Phlebotomy included

www.privatebloodtests.com – Attend at a Nuffield Hospital – Phlebotomy included

www.bloodtestslondon.com – Attend at London Patient Service Centre

Home Blood Tests – Finger prick kits for testing at home


Health Screening Blue

Pure Health Clinic

Smart Nutrition



True Health Labs



Yours Healthcare


Medivere Diagnostics and Medivere Diagnostics (shop)








Direct Labs

True Health Labs

Private MD labs

My Med Lab




MyMedLab – ships saliva cortisol test kit to Canadians, but you need to use this number and quote STTM (Stop The Thyroid Madness): 417-782-6169. (All credit to STTM)



Can you add to this list?

Please do let me know, at: invisiblehypothyroidism@gmail.com

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