Series: My Acne. Entry 6: Update on My Acne and Sex Hormone Imbalance, Six Months Gluten Free

It’s now been six full months since I decided to go gluten free again and my skin/acne has recovered so well. 

I also made the decision a couple of months ago now, to stop covering it up so much with make up. This may sound silly to some of you reading this, but it was a big thing for me to do – to embrace my face and all the acne and scars that now came with it. Being someone who also follows a specific look and style (the vintage, pin-up look) it’s common practice to have flawless skin.

As a result of wearing less product on my face, I’ve noticed my skin’s oil production balance out better and I’ve got fewer clogged pores, which are those annoying white bumps that either turn in to spots or never really do, but if you squeeze them (which I wouldn’t recommend, as this often turns them in to a spot!) then all this gunk comes out. Yuck. Make-up products that typically clog pores include primers, concealers and foundation. Also ensure you’re cleaning your brushes thoroughly, at least once a week, and only using completely clean fingers, if you’re applying make up this way, to minimise bacteria and spots on the face.

I’ve also started using a charcoal face mask, which I apply once or twice a week and leaves my skin feeling uber soft and clean. It’s good for drawing out impurities and giving skin a glow. Here’s the link to it:

Quick Fix Facial Purifying Charcoal Mask 100ml

I’m using it as and when my face needs it, once or twice a week max. Otherwise, I just wash my face with warm water on a flannel. That’s it, even when I’m wearing make-up (I’m done with all commercial face cleansers, toners, exfoliators etc. as I found they more often than not only make acne and skin worse with all the chemicals used).

I’m using the Clean and Clear Moisturiser though, which is helping to keep my skin smooth. Again, I’ve linked to it below.

Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer 120 ml

I’m also still using progesterone cream 10%, one scoop in the evening and one in the morning, when I’m in my progesterone dominant phase, and only using little dabs on pimples and scars when in my oestrogen dominant phase.

I do of course have some new photos for you, but first of all, here’s a timeline of how it has looked…

Facing on wards:

The improvement is astounding. All from going gluten free and using progesterone cream to aid my skin’s condition. I still get the odd pimple when I reach my oestrogen peak, but it’s no where near as bad as it used to be.

My periods are still regular and the PMS is still gone, too. I’m amazed. So I’ll clearly be keeping up being gluten free!

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