Series: My AF. Entry 12: An Update on My Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Sex Hormones and Gastritis

A lot has happened in the past month since my last general update blog, so thought it was time for another!


The gastritis I told you about a couple of weeks ago seems to have gone now, thankfully. It was really painful and took a lot of trial and error in what I could and couldn’t eat. I drank only water and stuck to an extremely basic diet for a few weeks, also not taking any painkillers and it seemed to clear up on its own. I hope it doesn’t come back. I’ve reintroduced most foods again now, though not alcohol or painkillers.

Since January, my periods have gone a bit haywire again. Well, very haywire. There’s been no pattern at all, and I came on my period again yesterday after only 15 days since I came on the last one. Fed up is an understatement! I’ve been using progesterone cream for around nine months now and can’t seem to get it to control them, so I’ve made a controversial decision of going back on the contraceptive pill…

I know many of you won’t agree, but I figured I have nothing to lose.

I used to be on the combined pill from ages sixteen to twenty-one, and have been off it for eighteen months, but have decided to give the POP (progestogen only pill) a go. With my oestrogen dominance, hopefully it’ll help to balance things out. I know it can cause irregular periods and acne, but I’m experiencing that right now anyway so I figured I have nothing to lose. I can always stop taking it, too.

I raised my thyroid medication dosage a month or so ago again and feel a bit better for it, but still feel easily tired and have poor stamina. So I started Pure Encapsulations for my adrenal fatigue – I just need to remember to take them!! I’ve been SO forgetful lately.

I hope they help.

My mood has been very up and down and I’ve had some really scary low points, but this week has been better.

The itching all over my body has finally stopped. I tried going back to my old shampoo and it started up again, so I’ve gone back to the Lush one that doesn’t contain any sodium lauryl sulfate, and it’s settled down again. I guess I’ll never really know what was causing the intense itching literally all over my body, but this shampoo is definitely helping it on my scalp.

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One thought on “Series: My AF. Entry 12: An Update on My Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Sex Hormones and Gastritis

  1. I have looked around the web a great deal trying to help my daughter figure out why she has hypothyroid and what to do about it. i finally ran into an article that said when you use iodine or eat too much food that has iodine in it or you have too much iodine in your body for some other reason it decrease your progesterone. Because your progesterone is not equal to your estrogen anymore you are then estrogen dominant. when you are estrogen dominant it messes up your thyroid hormones. I can’t exactly remember which thyroid hormone it affects but it causes hypothyroid. It also said that estrogen dominance can also give you gall bladder attacks by not letting the gall bladder expell bile into your small intestine to digest your food. I did not keep the web address.


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