Thyroid UK’s Thyroid Awareness Week 2017

It’s the charity Thyroid UK‘s Thyroid Awareness Week from the 30th September – 6th October 2017.

To raise awareness, Thyroid UK are suggesting a ‘Wear Purple Day/Purple Mufty Day‘ on the last day of the awareness week, 6th October, where you wear something purple and donate £1 to Thyroid UK, to support the great work they do raising awareness, conducting surveys and research, campaigning for better testing, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid patients, and of course supporting patients with getting the treatment they need.

If you wanted a real challenge, you could even wear purple all week to raise awareness and money!

Get friends, family and work colleagues to take part and raise some awareness. You can get extra posters and info from Thyroid UK.

You can donate to Thyroid UK through their website, via PayPal or by paying it directly in to their account, or by sending them a cheque. All info can be found here:

Please share photos of your purple outfits for Thyroid Awareness Week on social media, to spread the word about thyroid disease, using the hashtags #PurpleMuftyDay #ThyroidAwarenessWeek and tagging Thyroid UK who will be resharing them.

You never know who might need a charity like Thyroid UK one day, especially considering that the amount of people with thyroid problems is forever increasing, so please take part in raising some awareness.

Although thyroid disease isn’t well-known about generally:

..And of those diagnosed, a lot are not adequately treated!

This is why we need to keep on sharing information about the condition and encourage anyone with symptoms of hypothyroidism to get checked out, as well as raise awareness of what thyroid patients themselves experience.

For those of us already diagnosed, we can gain awareness about how to check our thyroid glands regularly for any abnormalities, what vitamins may help us and what tests we need to ensure our doctors are doing on us. We should also be aware of what results we are looking for; a TSH below two is preferable, with a Free T3 in the top quarter of the range and a Free T4 mid-range or a bit higher.

We should also share any resources we’ve found helpful, for example, I would suggest all hypothyroid patients to follow the organisations recommended on the home page under  – Organisations to Support. There’s Stop The Thyroid Madness, Hypothyroid Mom, Mary Shomon, Thyroid UK.. to name just a few. Check them out.

If you found this article informative, useful, helpful or in other words are grateful you stumbled across it, please consider helping me keep The Invisible Hypothyroidism running, so that we can carry on building a strong community, spreading awareness and helping each other. Running the site comes at the expense of my personal time and money from my own pocket. You can make a one-off or monthly donation to support me keeping this website going, by clicking the button below.

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I run a Facebook group, called Thyroid Family: Hypothyroidism Advice & Support Group. This group is for underactive thyroid/hypothyroidism patients only, and not medical professionals or anyone else. If you have any questions on living with hypothyroidism, or want some support, help or advice, please join us. 

I also run a group for the spouses, partners and other halves of hypothyroid patients, called Hypothyroid Patients Other Halves – Support & Advice Group. This is for the other halves only and not patients. 




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