Help! I’m New To This!

Have you just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid (also called hypothyroidism and thyroid disease) or are pretty sure you have it? Have you had it a long time and are now wanting to learn more about it? Do you still feel rubbish?

I’ve compiled the below links and info to introduce you to the most commonly asked questions for those just introduced to it. 

There’s clearly a lot of links below, but I feel that all of these are essential reading to the newly diagnosed, or those with not much knowledge on hypothyroidism.

You could bookmark them, or this page, and come back to it whenever you have the time to read them.

There’s lots of other helpful info on this site for you to check-out when you feel up to it, too.

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I also run a Facebook group, simply called Underactive Thyroid Advice & Support Group. This group is for underactive thyroid patients only, and not medical professionals or anyone else. If you have any questions on dealing with hypothyroidism, or want some help and advice, please join us.