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In terms of collaborations, guest posts, newsletter features, advertisements etc. by The Invisible Hypothyroidism, please do be aware that all blogs and articles are always true and honest in my opinions of products, services etc. so I won’t feature any of these on my site if I wouldn’t buy or recommend them myself. This also includes pieces I may write for other websites.

Current services I offer:

  • I accept guest posts and sponsored posts from other writers on as long as they are suitable to my audience and of high enough quality.
  • I can write an article for your website or channel, as a one-off piece or as and when requested, but also as a regular contributor.
  • I can feature you, your product or service in my email newsletter, which is published once every two weeks to over 1000 subscribers, as long as it is suitable to my audience.
  • I can produce a sponsored advertisement article or blog for your product or service, as long as it is suitable to my audience.
  • I can review your product or service in a sponsored article published on my site or yours, as long as it is suitable to my audience.
  • You can purchase advertisement space on my blog i.e. in the side or bottom widget.
  • I can include a link to your website, product or service within my blogs or articles, or as commonly placed, at the bottom in my list of resources for further info, as long as it is suitable to my audience and of high enough quality. These links are curated very carefully.
  • I am happy to be interviewed via Skype, video or email.
  • I am available for podcast discussions.

Please contact me for more information on these opportunities and if you have any suggestions on another way we could collaborate.

Please note that as per Google’s policy, paid for pieces and work will not include a dofollow back to your site/services/products etc. And I only work with content that is suitable to my audience and of high quality.

Below you’ll find a list of projects and work I’ve been involved in but further down you’ll find my specific stats.

The Invisible Hypothyroidism Highlights:

I have received lots of great feedback from thyroid patients that my work has helped over the years, please see their feedback here.

You will find below my statistics for further information on reach and audience.

All-time Stats:
(Updated July 2nd 2018)

  • Over 615,392 views
  • Over 371,412 visitors
  • From more than 150 different countries
  • Over 1,546 newsletter subscribers
  • Over 11,842 people following me on Facebook
  • Over 29,775 members in my Facebook group
  • Over 1,579 Instagram followers
  • Over 250 Twitter followers
  • Thousands of article shares, including my articles for The Mighty
  • I’ve also had articles and blogs published/republished on many other websites (listed above)

Monthly Stats:
(Updated July 2nd 2018)

  • I have over 70,000 website and blog views per month from over 45,000 visitors
  • My articles for The Mighty are viewed and shared up to 90 million times a month.
  • My Facebook posts reach over 40,000 people a month
  • I have 6,000 average monthly viewers on Pinterest

You can of course Contact me for more information.

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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