Book Reviews

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. 

I enjoy reading about thyroid conditions in books and this is where
I will mention any that I recommend. If you click on the title, it
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This book explains Hypothyroidism in an easy-to-understand way and covers why you may not be seeing any improvements since being put on T4 only medicine, e.g. Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxine, Unithroid, Eltroxin, Levaxin, Norton, Eutrosig, Oroxine, Tirosint, for exampleAlso covers how to read test results, information on safely switching to NDT, adrenals and how to talk to your doctor.

 This book explores more in-depth, what could be causing your underactive thyroid, namely Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and what has led to it. Dr Kharrazian particularly focuses on how diet and lifestyle changes could potentially reverse your condition so you no longer need thyroid medication. This is a popular thyroid book.

 Covers lots of information about having an under active thyroid, how to recognise associated problems, and how to take an active part in your own treatment.  12924417_10209427420629590_6989480239238359266_n

Many people, as hypothyroid, develop adrenal fatigue, so this book is well worth a read. It includes a questionnaire to help you diagnose if you likely have adrenal fatigue, and walks you through how you can help yourself recover.



I also run a Facebook group, simply called Underactive Thyroid Advice & Support Group. This group is for underactive thyroid patients only, and not medical professionals or anyone else. If you have any questions on dealing with hypothyroidism, or want some help and advice, please join us.