Site Stats

In terms of collaborations, advertisements and features on my website, my blogs and articles are always true and honest in my opinions of products, books, services etc. so I won’t recommend any of these on my site that I wouldn’t buy myself.

All-time Stats:

  • Over 120,000 all-time website views since my site went live at the end of March 2016
  • Over 67,000 unique visitors
  • From 146 different countries
  • Over 100 email subscribers
  • Over 2300 Facebook page ‘likes’ who receive links to my blogs and articles a couple of times a day
  • My Facebook posts reach over 41,000 people a month
  • My Facebook support group now has over 8500 members who see links to articles on my site several times a day and follow my blog
  • Over 260 Instagram followers
  • Thousands of article/site shares, including my articles for The Mighty, which reach up to 150 Million readers. And I’ve had articles and blogs republished across other sites such as ToSaveaLife, For Every Mom and faithit, as well
  • My blog is included in The National Academy of Hypothyroidism’s Top 7 Thyroid Blogs You Need To Read
  • My site is ranked at number 5 in the top 10 blogs on Hypothyroidism, by Feedspot, in the most comprehensive list of the best Hypothyroidism blogs on the internet

Monthly Stats:

(Taken on April 2017)

  • Over 20,000 site views
  • From over 10,000 unique visitors
  • From over 100 different countries
  • Plus thousands of views on my Mighty articles, too.

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