How I Lost The Weight I Gained From Hypothyroidism



Weight gain. It’s the first symptom people who don’t have hypothyroidism, think of when they hear the term ‘thyroid problem’. It’s often one of the most upsetting symptoms and side effects of poor thyroid function and/or medication, that thyroid patients put up with.

Thyroid disease is often used as a joke or a scapegoat for weight gain. People throw it around, and as such, it’s not taken very seriously.

Many people think it’s just an excuse for being overweight. 

But weight gain is a legitimate symptom of an underactive thyroid/hypothyroidism, along with many others. Continue reading “How I Lost The Weight I Gained From Hypothyroidism”

NDT Before and After Photos

Before and after photos pf switching to NDT are powerful and scream volumes. 


In my Facebook support group, members have told me they find them really helpful and motivating to look at. So, I committed to taking unattractive photos of myself throughout my thyroid journey, to show the difference NDT has had on me, too. You can see these below.  Continue reading “NDT Before and After Photos”