Christmas Gift Ideas for Hypothyroid Patients

Having a hypothyroid patient on your Christmas shopping list can seem daunting, especially if they follow specific diets or avoid certain chemicals, to help manage their condition/s.

So here I am with a list of ideas for present buying this Christmas season. I hope you find it useful!

(Pssst! If you’re a thyroid patient, you may want to pass this on to your friends and family!)

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The Winter and Your Thyroid

The weather is getting colder and so you may be wondering what you can do to help, since you have hypothyroidism. 

I’ve put together some information on keeping warm and looking after your thyroid health this winter.

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What Happens If You Stop Taking Your Thyroid Medication

It’s a question that’s been asked many times on my Facebook group:

What happens if you stop taking your thyroid medication?

For one reason or another, you might be wondering if you can get by without it. Perhaps you don’t feel any better on it, perhaps you feel worse or it gives you some side effects. It could be expensive for you to maintain or you might not be keen on taking any pills for whatever reason.


“What You Don’t Realise When I’m at Home Sick” by a Hypothyroid Patient

These days, I don’t often take time off work or cancel plans due to my hypothyroidism. But every now and then, I may need to. In fact, before I was properly medicated for it, I needed a lot of time off work

There are some things a lot of people don’t realise about me taking days off for autoimmune thyroid disease. Sure, I’m not coughing, being sick or have diarrhoea. But I am unwell and I need to be at home. So trust my judgement. 

This post is especially apt since January is Thyroid Disease Awareness Month, so time to raise some awareness on what it’s like for us hypothyroid patients to spend the day at home unwell.  Continue reading ““What You Don’t Realise When I’m at Home Sick” by a Hypothyroid Patient”

The Difficulties of Working with an Underactive Thyroid

A part of being hypothyroid that is often overlooked, is the way that it affects our work life. 

I’ve covered many times, the ways in which hypothyroidism devastates many lives, taking control of many aspects and creating real challenges for those affected, and often, their family too. In this post, I’m going to focus on work. 

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Update: Lowering My NDT Dosage

On the 5th May, I reluctantly followed my endocrinologist’s advice of lowering my two grains of NDT a day to one and three-quarters, because he felt I was taking too much, and my GP, acknowledging that he trusts me to self-medicate correctly, asked me to at least try the lower dose. So I did. 

I lowered it four weeks ago today, and I don’t feel good.

I had a busy two days on the Sunday and Monday just gone, so I thought I was just taking a while to fully recuperate, but Tuesday, Wednesday and today have been awful. I haven’t felt this unwell in a long time.  Continue reading “Update: Lowering My NDT Dosage”

Why Do We Often Need Less Thyroid Medication in Warmer Months?

Why Do We Often Need Less Thyroid Medication in Warmer Months?

It’s all to do with our thyroid gland (as you probably guessed!), thyroid hormones, and how our metabolism works. With this sudden warm weather here in the UK, I felt it appropriate to explore why we may need less thyroid meds at this time of year.

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Why Am I Always Cold With Hypothyroidism?

Cold intolerance is often related to thyroid function i.e. hypothyroidism.

Cold intolerance is when you are extremely sensitive to cold temperatures and it is more severe than the normal feeling most people get when they are feeling cold. So, if you have it, you probably feel too cold when everyone else feels too warm or a good temperature. 

As the main purpose of thyroid hormones, produced by the thyroid gland, is to ensure the metabolism is running properly, people with an underactive thyroid (often not properly treated) will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism, such as cold intolerance. 


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Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue; Why It’s More Than ‘Just Being Tired’

Imagine this:1606865_10209343858060578_7491758172386638825_n

You go to bed at 8pm because you’re so unbelievably tired. You sleep pretty much straight through, maybe waking briefly during the night, but nothing to hugely disturb the amount of sleep you get, before your alarm goes off at 7am for work. That’s 11 hours sleep. Yet you feel MORE tired than when you went to bed the night before. How is that possible? 

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