Muscle and Joint Pain and Hypothyroidism

Many hypothyroid patients complain of muscle and joint pain being among the most bothersome hypothyroid symptoms. As well as the intense fatigue an underactive thyroid causes, aches, pains, stiffness and weakness in joints (such as the knees and fingers) and muscles (such as the calves, back and feet) are well reported. I’ve had horrid experience with it myself. 

It can keep us awake at night, cause us to need regular painkillers just to get through the day and make physical activity difficult to bear.

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The Power of Epsom Salts

You’ve probably heard about them before and wondered “What on Earth is that?!” 

Epsom salt usage is becoming increasingly popular, and there’s good reason why. I myself use Epsom salts once or twice a week in a bath, and as and when I feel I need it in a foot soak, too.


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Hair Loss and Hypothyroidism

Losing your hair can be very upsetting. It’s not just vanity, but it also contributes to your identity. I’m going to cover the many possible causes and treatments for hair loss.  Continue reading “Hair Loss and Hypothyroidism”

Three and a Half Months Into Going Gluten Free

So, back at Easter-time, I found out I had the autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, which is the most common cause (90%) of hypothyroidism cases. My antibodies were crazy, at >1300, and going gluten free has been reported to help control antibodies/lower them, as well as help relieve hypothyroid symptoms, by many sources (Dr Kharazzian, STTM, Hypothyroid Mom etc.)

Well, I said I’d give it ago. 

It’s been fourteen weeks. Three and a half months.

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General Update #6

Six months! It’s gone SO fast since I started NDT, just before Christmas last year. 

And well, to put it simply, I’m pretty much there. Yep, I feel almost fully recovered!

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Starting Magnesium Malate

I ordered some Magnesium (Malate) to support my adrenals and thyroid function, after doing a lot of research. I settled on Jigsaw, because of its popularity. However this doesn’t currently seem to be available on Amazon anymore. Another popular brand BioCare is shown below:

BioCare Magnesium Malate Vegi Capsules Pack of 90

I decided to go for Magnesium Malate as it promotes conversion of T4 to T3 for thyroid function, it is good for energy and it is adrenal supporting. If we’re low in it, which Stop The Thyroid madness suggests is 70% of hypothyroid patients, especially those with adrenal problems as we lose it under stress, then it can go unnoticed or cause lingering tiredness and some other symptoms like muscle aches.

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What Supplements Should I Take For My Thyroid?

There are certain supplements that support thyroid function and maintaining optimal levels. It’s important to consider other possible problems, so not just your thyroid, such as low vitamin levels and other health conditions that can cause symptoms similar to hypothyroidism.

Supplementing may help with symptoms. 


I would always recommend consulting your doctor, pharmacist, a medical professional etc. before making any changes to your health regime. It can be dangerous if you take supplements and already have high/sufficient levels.

If you’re gluten or dairy free, or have any other restrictions, do also always check that all supplements you take are free of the substance, too.

Most vitamins can be tested via doctors’ tests to learn your levels. 

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