Types of Medical Practitioners You May See as a Thyroid Patient

As a thyroid patient, there are a few different types of doctors you may see for your condition. Some can be more useful in addressing different areas of the condition than others and different patients find different success with different types of doctors. You may have tried a few of these already, but I’m going to sum up what each one is, how they look at hypothyroidism and why they may be helpful to you. 


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Acupuncture for Hypothyroidism

In the Facebook group I run, I have quite a few members who recommend acupuncture for their hypothyroid symptoms. Relief for brain fog, back pain, dry skin etc. have all been reported. I have collated some responses from people who have tried it first-hand for their thyroid problems and any related conditions.  

I haven’t tried acupuncture myself, but I suggest you consult your doctor before deciding on whether to try it.

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I Tried The Oil Cleansing Method

It’s no secret that I have a problem thyroid, but I do have problem skin. It flares up randomly, with spots, clogged pores and blackheads and is a mix of dry and oily in places. However, I’ve found a new cleansing routine that is helping.  Continue reading “I Tried The Oil Cleansing Method”

General Update #5

I suspected back in January that I had adrenal fatigue (fatigue and many other symptoms caused by dysfunctioning adrenals) when my switch from Levo to NDT wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped and my Free T3 was pooling in my blood (blood tests showed a high T3 even though I had an OK TSH and Free T4, which is a key sign of adrenal issues). So, after my endocrinologist refused to test them, saying that he could tell by looking at me that they were fine, I tested them privately through Genova Diagnostics.


When I got the results back, they showed that I had elevated cortisol, so adrenal fatigue, all day. Following this, I attempted to lower the high cortisol using Holy Basil, then Seriphos, and other lifestyle changes such as good sleep, going to bed by 10pm, vitamin supplements etc. basically things that promote good adrenal health.

I came off the Seriphos two and a half weeks ago, and feel pretty good, so I’m now retesting my adrenal function, to actually see how it’s doing. I’ve just ordered the test and I’m going to explain below how I’ve done so, so that others can do the same thing if they’re looking to check their adrenals.

As a reminder, this is where I got my Seriphos – Seriphos, Phosphorylated Serine, 100 Capsules – InterPlexus Inc

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What Supplements Should I Take For My Thyroid?

There are certain supplements that support thyroid function and maintaining optimal levels. It’s important to consider other possible problems, so not just your thyroid, such as low vitamin levels and other health conditions that can cause symptoms similar to hypothyroidism.

Supplementing may help with symptoms. 


I would always recommend consulting your doctor, pharmacist, a medical professional etc. before making any changes to your health regime. It can be dangerous if you take supplements and already have high/sufficient levels.

If you’re gluten or dairy free, or have any other restrictions, do also always check that all supplements you take are free of the substance, too.

Most vitamins can be tested via doctors’ tests to learn your levels. 

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If NDT Is so Good, Why Won’t My Doctor Prescribe It?

I’m sure it’s something that’s crossed your mind, when you consider making the switch from T4-only medication like Levothyroxine, to Natural Desiccated Thyroid;

If it’s so good at treating hypothyroidism, why won’t my doctor prescribe it for me? 

It crossed mine, and I did a lot of research in to the answers. I’m going to share what I found out about the history of NDT, below.

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Thyroid Medication Options

Although most conventional doctors will not tell you, there are more options for treating your thyroid than just T4-only medication such as Levothyroxine or Synthroid. In fact, a lot of conventional doctors don’t even seem to be aware that they can treat hypothyroidism with more than just synthetic T4-only drugs.

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