Are You Taking Your Thyroid Medication Properly?

How difficult can it be, right? You just swallow your thyroid medication with water and that’s that.


Advice on how to take your medication, whether given by doctors, pharmacists or even on medication box leaflets, can be confusing and contradicting. Let’s explore various factors that can influence our thyroid medication and how best to take it, so that you’re getting the most out of it as possible.

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What You Need To Know About Doing Thyroid Blood Tests

Common questions about thyroid blood tests include: Do I take my thyroid medication as normal before the blood draw? How often should it be done? Do I need to fast? Does it need to be in the morning? Can it be done in the afternoon?  Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Doing Thyroid Blood Tests”

If NDT Is Good Enough for a Former First Lady, Surely It’s Good Enough for Me?

Yes, Hilary Clinton has an underactive thyroid. Yes, she takes Armour, a brand of NDT for it.  Continue reading “If NDT Is Good Enough for a Former First Lady, Surely It’s Good Enough for Me?”

I’d like to Try NDT but I’m Vegetarian/Can’t Have Pork. What Do I Do?

A few people have asked me this before;

I’d like to try NDT but I’m vegetarian/can’t have pork. What do I do?

They read about how well people do on Natural Desiccated Thyroid, want to try it, then realise it’s porcine (pig) gland.

Whilst this is great in that it’s very close to your own thyroid, so gives you exactly what your own thyroid would be giving you; T1, T2, T3, T4 and Calcitonin, for those who are vegetarian, it’s not as simple.

For some, being vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, cultural or religious instruction.

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Thyroid Hormone Conversion and The Problem That Can Happen

A conversion problem can cause weight gain and on going symptoms, with hypothyroidism, due to inefficient levels of thyroid hormones. A conversion problem of thyroid hormones is often not considered by doctors to be a possibility for patients who don’t respond well to T4-only medication, but it is much more common than they realise. 

If you are on T4-only medication such as Levothyroxine, Synthroid etc. and still don’t feel fully well, then it is likely you could not be converting T4 to T3

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The Endocrine System

The endocrine system is made up of glands that produce and secrete hormones. These hormones regulate the body’s growth, metabolism and sexual function.

The endocrine system includes the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal gland, and the reproductive organs (ovaries and testes). The pancreas is also a part of this system; it has a role in hormone production as well as in digestion.

Now stay with me, I’m not particularly great at science myself, so I’m going to explain this as simply as possible!
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Thyroid Medication Options

Although most conventional doctors will not tell you, there are more options for treating your thyroid than just T4-only medication such as Levothyroxine or Synthroid. In fact, a lot of conventional doctors don’t even seem to be aware that they can treat hypothyroidism with more than just synthetic T4-only drugs.

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What Is NDT/What Is Armour?

NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) is one kind of thyroid medication, often deemed the most effective by thyroid patients who have tried both T4-only synthetics such as Levothyroxine or Synthroid as well as  NDT. There are many different brands, including Armour, all of which can viewed here.

Thyroid UK did a survey in 2015 which demonstrated that their respondents had the best success rate with NDT.

What is NDT?
NDT contains real thyroid gland, from pigs, and it is available on prescription in the UK on a named-patient basis, as well as meeting the guidelines of the US Pharmacopeia. It is available in most countries through a doctor. It is made according to certain quality standards, contrary to what some doctors say.

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