Thyroid Awareness Month (2018)

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Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month – September 2017

Today is the 1st September, which marks the start of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, an annual event that is the prime opportunity for us to spread awareness of the effects and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer. 

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Our ‘Invisible Illness’ Isn’t Really Invisible

Hypothyroidism, also called an underactive thyroid and thyroid disease, is an invisible illness. This means that the effect it has on someone living with it isn’t always obvious or visible, but it doesn’t make it any less impacting on the person’s life. 

Around 750 million people in the world live with some form of thyroid disease, yet many keep their health condition concealed, afraid that friends, family and co-workers just won’t understand this often debilitating condition. 

Let’s try to understand. 

Here are real people, holding real statements, who have really been affected by thyroid disease and want people to start realising. 

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March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

Most often referred to as ‘National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month’, focusing on just the US, I prefer to drop the ‘national’ and call it Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month, making it an international event, not just concerning the US.

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Thyroid Awareness Month (2017)

One year ago today exactly, I took a photo of me holding a piece of paper that simply said ‘I am the face of thyroid disease’ and posted it online. Underneath the photo, I had a bit of a rant about doctors misdiagnosing thyroid disease, often inadequately treating us and explaining that thyroid disease affects people of all ages, sizes, ethnicity and backgrounds.

I’m doing it again this year, not only sharing that post in the hopes that it will raise some awareness on the symptoms, and mismanagement of thyroid issues, but also with a new post, that I hope expands on the issues I touched on a year ago. 

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List of Thyroid (and related) events

The below dates and events are listed here for ease, so that we have all the relevant events to hand, in which we can raise awareness of thyroid disease and various related topics.

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Invisible Illness Awareness Week 2016: Do I Look like I Have a Chronic Illness?

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